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Enthuisasts of blackmetal rejoice! Antestor is back from the snow-covered frosty forests of Norway to shed some Nordic blackmetal over the Bobfest crowd. This will be their first performance in years, which will make this festival even more unique.

Antestor's first demo "Despair" was recorded in 1993, followed up in 1996 with an appearance on the "Nordic Lights" compilation together with bands like Extol, Schaliach and Groms. Those songs were from the very first black metal album recorded by a Christian group in 1994, "Martyrium". In 1998 their second album "The Return of the Black Death" was released and we believe they've gained a lot of ground in the blackmetal scene with this release.

Lately a lot has been going on with Antestor and recently it became clear that their well-known yet unreleased first album "Martyrium" will finally be released on Swedish label Endtime Productions. Bobfest will be the official release gig for "Martyrium", yet another reason you can't miss this event!

Ronny - vocals
Lars - guitar
Vegard - bass
Morten - keyboards
Svein - drums

Veni Domine

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Veni Domine of Stockholm has almost become an institution in the metal scene. Since the debut "Fall Babylon Fall" from 1992, the majestic music of Veni Domine has fascinated fans all over the world.

Working on a new album, not long after releasing "Spiritual Wasteland", Veni Domine is eager to get back to the stages to give us more of their excellent metal.

The world of Veni Domine is filled with great dramatic changes in harmony, rhythm and tempo. Ranging from the soft and subtle to the powerful majestic bashing, all elements work to enhance the emotional journey, the drama.

Fredrik Sjoholm (Ohlsson) - vocals
Torbjorn Weinesjo - guitar
Gabriel Ingemarson - bass
Mattias Cederlund - keyboards
Thomas Weinesjo - drums


Deuteronomium is the first Finnish band to play at Bobfest making it a Nordic festival worth its name. The band has been active a couple of years and has been known to mix a lot of different influences into their music. They started as a brutal deathmetal band and have developed through the years into a more diverse sound, reaching its zenith on their first full length album, "Street Corner Queen", ranging from black/death parts to even some reggae influences.

With their new album "Here to Stay", Deuteronomium seems to have settled a little for one music style, described by themselves as death'n'roll. The album is distributed in Sweden through House of Kicks Distribution. The lyrics are straight forward and Christ-centered, dealing with several subjects in the society and the human life. They all have a passion for playing live and we can promise you a great show full of life!

Miika Partala - vocals, guitar
Kalle Paju - guitar
Manu Lehtinen - bass
J-J Kontoniemi - drums

Official homepage:

Sound samples:
To Die and Gain
Spell of Hell
Northern Praise


Sanctifica has been a well known act in the metal scene for a couple of years now, starting in 1996 as a raw deathmetal band but soon evolving to an atmospheric blackmetal band influenced by Nordic folkmusic.
In 1998, they released "In the Bleak Midwinter", an extremely well produced demo which made Sanctifica known far outside the borders of Sweden.

Shortly before Bobfest, Sanctifica's first full-length album "Spirit of Purity" will be released on Finnish Little Rose Productions and on the brand new Swedish company CL Publishing. Bobfest will be the official release gig for this terrific album.
Enjoy one of the best Scandinavian blackmetal bands today!

Hubertus - vocals, guitar
Henrik - guitar
Jonathan - bass
Aron - keyboards
Daniel - drums

Official homepage:

Sound samples:
In the Bleak Midwinter
Released from Pain

Crimson Moonlight
[symphonic blackmetal]

From the dark forests of Scandinavia comes this band that have in a short amount of time become one of the blackmetal bands most spoken about, not only in Sweden but also internationally. Crimson Moonlight has released two demos, the latest "Eternal Emperor" has received great reviews everywhere.

However, if you haven't seen them live, you haven't really heard Crimson Moonlight. They present an energetic live act fronted by lead singer Pilgrim with his sword.

Devoted to their music and their Lord, Crimson Moonlight truly stands for the spirit of Bobfest, for the second time attending the festival.

Simon "Pilgrim" Rosen - vocals
Petter Stenmarker - guitar
Jonathan Jansson - guitar
David Seiving - bass
Alexander Orest - keyboards
Gustav Elowsson - drums

Official homepage:

Sound samples:
Where Darkness Cannot Reach
Eternal Emperor
The Final Battle

Sons of Thunder
[thunder metal]

Sons of Thunder from Stockholm is a metal band that really have understood the true meaning of music: to worship God! With their powerful "thunder metal" they're combining hardrock with traditional worship songs. A somewhat unique but nevertheless well working combination!

After releasing a demo CD in late 98 and playing at Bobfest 99, the Sons have been working on their first album, "Load Aim Fire". Later this spring it will be released on CL Music & Publishing. We're looking out for that roaring record and in the meantime, we're honored to present Sons of Thunder as the latest addition to the Bobfest playlist.

Sons of Thunder will also lead worship during the conference part of Bobfest together with Jim LaVerde (ex Barren Cross) from Sanctuary.
With a message as powerful as their music, Sons of Thunder is a band you don't wanna miss!

Michael Hjelte - vocals, guitar
Frank Bakken - bass
Daniel Mouton - drums

Official homepage:

Sound samples: (WAVE)
Jesus Jesus Jesus
Healing to my soul
Psalm 151

Vital Sign
[melodic hardrock]

From the hardrock mould of Halsingland comes this band which was most active in the early part of the 90's. Before forming Vital Sign, the members could be seen in a lot of different constellations. Keyboardist Rune Bertilsson was once part of Soulution and Air Condition where also his younger brother Ralf could be found. Jens Lundvik has been seen in bands as Disciple and Messenger, and P-O Larsson was earlier bassist of XT. Out of this eventually the hardrock band Vital Sign was formed.

When Jens left the forests of Halsingland to be the vocalist of the rather fast growing pop/rock band B.I.G., Vital Sign was put on ice. However in 1998 they got the idea to enter the studio and record a bunch of songs and the result was an album filled with melodic hardrock and straight-forward lyrics, which will be released this spring.
Bobfest will be Vital Sign's big, eagerly awaited comeback, and also their first gig outside Halsingland. Rock on!

Jens Lundvik - vocals
Svenne Martensson - guitar
P-O Larsson - bass
Rune Bertilsson - keyboards
Ralf Bjurbo - drums

Sound samples: (WAVE)
Wherever you go

[melodic metal]

Laudamus is a 3-piece band hailing from the cold Northern territories of Sweden. Their hometown is Pitea and they have been playing since 1986. Some years ago they released a CD-EP called "Ready Or Not" containing 4 melodic metal tunes.

Recently they also released their full length CD titled "Unlimited Love". Stylewise they play Classic Melodic Metal ŕ la Stryper, Bloodgood etc with lots of guitars and hooks. Melodic metallers will definitely love this band so be sure to check'em out at Bobfest 2000!

Peter Stenlund - vocals, guitar
Jonas Stenlund - bass
Jonas Cederteg - drums

Official homepage:

Sound samples: (WAVE)
Unlimited love
I'm on my way


There is no doubt that Silver will surprise many people at Bobfest this year with their intense and rocking live show. Since they started in 1994 as "Notification" the band has grown musically and has taken punk rock to a whole new dimension.

After recording a demo called "Silver 2000" the band changed their name to Silver in late 96, at the same time the band started playing punk. The first demo as Silver was recorded soon after that and was called "Live at Home With Friends", it was recorded within an hour live.

The second demo tape "Better Day" was recorded in March 98 in Tommy's basement. Another demo was recorded in March 99 including a cover of the classic Stryper song "Rockin' The World", a song Silver also performs live. A song that surely will make every metalhead get on their feet and bang their heads at Bobfest.

Ivar Nikolaisen - vocals
Tommy Akerholt - guitar
Even Opheim - guitar
Kim Akerholt - bass
Emil Nikolaisen - drums


Soapbox is another band from the Northern part of Sweden. Originating from Sweden's hardcore city #1, Umea, this band plays aggresive hardcore with old school influences. The band started up in 1996, with some members from Pax Vobiscum and Verktüg. Their first demo was recorded in 1998, called "The truth about artificial happiness".

Although most of their gigs have been in the Northern parts, Bobfest will be the third time Soapbox plays in Stockholm. They have also played at the DP festival in Norway and have made a tour in Holland. Get ready to rock 'cause this band will rock 'til they drop!

Simon Brannstrom - vocals
Par E. Augustin - guitar
Krister Mortsell - bass
Andreas Rejdvik - drums

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