2000-06-23: Another Bobfest review from Shofar added.
2000-06-04: Another Bobfest review from Screams of Abel added.
2000-04-28: Links to Bobfest reviews in Nya Dagen and Turn or Burn added.
2000-04-27: New pictures added, taken by Rickard Bransell.
2000-04-21: New pictures added, taken by Marek Stawiasz and Anders Strom.
2000-04-10: New pictures added, taken by Samuel Wibeck.
2000-04-08: New pictures added, taken by Andreas Egneus. Now there are pictures of all the performing bands at Bobfest.
2000-03-31: The first pictures from Bobfest are up on the page, taken by Fredrik Bergman and Pierre Eriksson. If you too have pictures from Bobfest, please mail them to us.
2000-03-29: Bobfest is over. Thanks a lot, all of you who attended the festival and made it a great one! Now you can buy Bobfest t-shirts directly from this page, send in your orders as soon as possible.
Stay tuned for updates, pictures and a lot of stuff on this homepage in the near future...
2000-03-08: Finally, we have added maps and road descriptions to this homepage, both in English and in Swedish.
The cost for accomodation is now final. It will be 40 SEK per night. Remember that this is a fee that is not charged by Bobfest, but by the different churches that's kind enough to support us with accomodation.
2000-03-02: Put some posters on the homepage that you can print out if you want. They're only in Swedish though.
2000-02-29: For all you metal lovers out there, we can now announce Sons of Thunder as the last addition to the playlist. This means we now have a final band schedule, that you can view at the info page.
2000-02-19: We have just received the sad news that Anaemia had to cancel their gig at Bobfest. We're now looking for a replacement. Stay tuned for more info!
2000-02-17: Released a more specified program with dates and times. Check out the info page. When each band will play will be revealed shortly. Come back soon!
2000-02-05: We're sorry to inform you that Blindside can not play at Bobfest.
Bobfest is now also the official release gig for Sanctifica's "Spirit of Purity" from Little Rose Productions / CL Music & Publishing.
2000-02-01: Added the Vital Sign logo and a link to their homepage.
We have now a new guestbook, which hopefully will work better than the old one.
We just received information that Pastor Bob will also visit Pitea in the north of Sweden and hold bible studies at the Solid Rock Festival 17-19 March!
2000-01-31: We can now reveal the place for the conference: The Filadelfia church of Stockholm.
And that's not all, we can present two new bands for the festival: Sanctifica and Vital Sign!
2000-01-21: At the moment, it's not clear whether Blindside can perform at Bobfest or not. We will let you know as soon as we have the information.
The location for the Saturday night concert is settled: Klubben, a division of Fryshuset, where many hardrock/metal concerts have taken place before. We believe it is the perfect place for Bobfest.
We hope to be able to reveal the location of the conference very shortly now, so come back next week for a bigger update.
2000-01-15: We'd like to know how many's coming to Bobfest, therefore you can now register on this homepage.
We have also made a banner that you can put on your homepage to link to this site.
2000-01-09: Read about the bus travels that will be arranged to Bobfest on the info page.
The ticket cost is now settled: 200 SEK for the whole weekend or 50 SEK for each concert.
Jim LaVerde (ex Barren Cross) from Sanctuary and Sons of Thunder will lead worship at the conference.
2000-01-02: Happy New Metal Year!
There was a problem with the guestbook that should now be fixed, if you experience any trouble, please let me know.
1999-12-10: Many have remarked that the links were hard to find, so I added an image map menu on the front page.
1999-12-03: Bobfest is now officially the release gig for Antestor's album "Martyrium" from Endtime Productions!
1999-12-01: Grand reopening of the Bobfest 2000 page!
Antestor, Veni Domine, Deuteronomium, Crimson Moonlight, Anaemia, Laudamus, Silver and Soapbox are official bands so far.
1999-11-29: The hidden page contest is over. The lucky winner is Fredrik Bergman.
1999-11-03: The site can now also be reached at this address:
1999-10-19: The Bobfest 2000 teaser page is launched.

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