[heavy groove/rapcore]

We're very happy to announce Disciple as the first overseas band to play Bobfest. In the States they've earned a great reputation that we are confident will follow them to these Nordic shores. With their "in your face" lyrics and their superb music that leaves no one untouched we are certain they will play themselves straight into the hearts of the Bobfest crowd.

So, to those of you who are new to them, what kind of music do they actually play? Well, It's not easy to narrow their music down to just one style. They've been called everything from rapcore to heavy groove and I guess you just might find the truth somewhere inbetween.

Disciple started as a band back in 1992 and has since then put out 4 CD's on the market, the latest one, "By God", released in late 2000. As one of the most popular bands in the States today they have a busy schedule and we're proud to be able to say:
"Will you please welcome to Sweden.... DISCIPLE!!"

Kevin Young - vocals, bass
Brad Noah - guitar
Tim Barrett - drums

Official homepage:

Sound samples:
Big Bad Wolf
Bring the Heat
God of Elijah
Whiny Britches


Wisdom Call
[classic melodic metal]

Wisdom Call is a rather new band to bless the Swedish metal scene with their powerful music. The guys behind the band do have a lot of routine though, since members of Narnia, Bishop Garden and Stormwind can be seen in the lineup.

Bobfest will be the official release party for their self-titled debut album and Wisdom's Call will undoubtly be a name you will hear more often in the future. Don't miss the rare chance to see them live at Bobfest!

Christian Liljegren - vocals
Stefan Olsson - guitar
Fredrik aberg - guitar
Andreas Olsson - bass
Per Hallman - keyboard
Andreas Johansson - drums


Vaakevandring plays beautiful melodic blackmetal, clearly inspired by classical and folk Nordic music. Their lead vocalist and their keyboardist also appear in legendary Norwegian band Antestor, playing at Bobfest last year.

Still waiting for their first album, Vaakevandring released a demo CD 1998, now a classic blackmetal piece, and they have also appeared on the "In the Shadow of Death" compilation, released by Endtime Productions.

Check out these atmospheric masters of metal from the cold Scandinavian forests! You won't be disappointed...

Ronny Hansen - lead vocals
Solveig Mageroy - vocals
Alexander Nygard - guitar
Morten Mageroy - keyboards
Trond Bjornstad - bass
Pal Dehlen - drums

Sound samples:
Fader Vaar
Some day
Og sorgen stilnet i smertens vann


Hallowed is a talented metal band from Finland. They play melodic powermetal influenced by Gamma Ray and the likes. So far they have released two tunes on the Finnish metal compilation "From Kaamos To Midnight Sun" and just recently they also released a five tune CD titled "End of the Age" featuring their new singer Michael Majalahti. If you are into melodic metal you are gonna love this band. Be ready for a melodic metal fest when these dudes take the stage at Bobfest!

Michael Majalahti - vocals
Samuel Hoisko - lead guitar
Mikko Tuliniemi - rhythm guitar
Markus Ketonen - keyboards
Jami Pohjoismaki - bass
Timo Peltokangas - drums

Official homepage:

Jacks of All Trades is also from Finland and was started in 1997 as an aggressive hardcore band. After the addition of Joel "J-Blast" Niittynen on vocals, they have evolved to play fast rapcore with influences from bands like Limp Bizkit and P.O.D. They show lots of energy on stage and have an uncompromising message to their audience.

Their recordings include so far 2 EP's - one of them, "Liar", was released just a few months ago - and a full length album called "R U Ready?" which was released in 1999. They have already toured the US and are now moving on to amaze the crowd of Bobfest 2001!

Lary Launonen - vocals, guitar
Joel Niittynen - vocals
Jorma Rantalainen - bass
Tuomas Rajala - drums

Sound samples:
What You Have Sown (Live)
Give Way (Live)

Pantokrator has been around in the metalscene since 1996 and has released three demos during the years.

Strongly inspired by old Nordic folkmusic and Viking tales, Pantokrator mixes deathmetal with black influences. Playing an appreciated gig at Park 00, Pantokrator showed that they're stronger than ever.

Karl Walfridsson - vocals
Mattias Johansson - guitar
Jonas Wallinder - bass
Rickard Gustavsson - drums

BURN DOWN THE CHURCH! That's what Tekla Knos [pronounced Tekla Nose in the US] is all about. Punk. In its purest and most honest form. Tekla Knos is Jesus and Anarchism. They're like nothing you've seen or heard. Tekla Knos is revolution.

Since the start in 1996 Tekla has become a flagship of Scandinavian Christian Underground. The big break came with the cover of Jerusalem's "Noa" on the Jerusalem tribute "Volym X". Last year their first CD - "Sa Sparade Vi Oss Ur Krisen" - was released and it has all ready become a classic worldwide. At Bobfest 99 Tekla put on a great show and now they’re back to once again rock the world for you. Rock'n'roll baby!

Markus - vocals, bass
Emil - vocals, guitar
Henke - drums

Dime'n'Dough from Norway is a last-minute addition to Bobfest. They play heavy rock with grunge influences in the veins of Galactic Cowboys and form a great liveband. Dime'n'Dough features Morten Husvik, big brother of famous Extol drummer David Husvik.

They have been around for a few years under the name of Diamond Dog and have released one demo so far. We're happy to present this band from a somewhat neglected musical style at earlier Bobfests. Enjoy!

Mikael Lillevold - vocals
Morten Husvik - guitar
Frode Heiestad - bass
Frank Bjaanes - drums

Official homepage:
Sound samples:
No Harm
One Of Us


As part of the Bobfest tradition we like to present a surprise band and it was a great honour for us to introduce the local band Pergamon to the Bobfest audience, opening for Vaakevandring at the Saturday night concert of Bobfest 2001.

One of our goals with Bobfest is of course to support the underground and Pergamon did their first gig at Bobfest which went really well. They have also recorded a 3 song demo called "Forgiven" which can be bought through Nordic Mission.

David - vocals
Tobbe - guitar
Mikael - guitar
Martin - bass
Johan - drums

Official homepage:
Sound samples:
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