Bobfest is a conference that will take place in Linkoping, Sweden, 23-25 March 2001. The idea is that young people can meet, get to know eachother and hear some great teaching from Pastor Bob Beeman, USA. We wish Bobfest to be an antipole to all the darkness and negativity there is in the world today, and show the way to a better life without drugs and violence.

Bobfest is also a festival where the music is of great importance. Hardrock/metal/hardcore bands from around Scandinavia and even from the US make this festival a great opportunity for music lovers from all countries to enjoy the best hard music!
Of course you are welcome to join the concerts without attending the conference, but we believe Bob has something to say to you even if you're not a Christian.

Bobfest was first arranged in March 1999 and has now become an annual event. Bobfest 2001 will be the third festival and our goal is to make it the best Bobfest yet! A lot of things has changed since last year, hopefully for the better.


Posters / Flyers

Now you can print out the Bobfest posters and flyers directly from this homepage. The posters are in JPEG format and the text are in Swedish!
Please note that Extol is NOT playing at Bobfest as stated on the posters.


Practical information

Location: The conference will be held in Ryttargardskyrkan, Linkoping, Sweden.
Travelling: We have a special page with travelling information. If you feel anything is missing, just send us an email.
Concerts: Concerts will be held Friday 23 March and Saturday 24 March, both will take place at Skylten, a rock club in Linkoping.
Seminars: On Saturday morning, seminars will be held by the following speakers:
  • Kevin Young - singer of Disciple, USA
  • Peter Espevoll - singer of Extol, Norway
  • Christian Liljegren - singer of Narnia and Wisdom Call, Sweden
Tickets: Tickets will cost 200 SEK/NOK for Scandinavian visitors (Sweden/Norway), 150 SEK (about $15) for foreigners.
Accomodation: There will be three places to sleep: Ryttargardskyrkan, Elsas hus and Kungsbergsskolan. Check out the map! Showers are available at Ryttargardskyrkan and Elsas hus. The cost will be 50 SEK per night at these locations, 40 SEK per night at Kungsbergsskolan. You should bring your own sleeping bags.

Friday 23 March:
19:00-20:30Introduction meeting
21:30-01:00Concert at Skylten with (in order)
Pantokrator, Tekla Knos, Disciple
Saturday 24 March:
10:00-11:00Morning meeting
19:00-00:30Concert at Skylten with (in order)
Jacks of All Trades, Hallowed, Dime'n'Dough, Vaakevandring, Wisdom Call
Sunday 25 March:
11:00Service together with Ryttargardskyrkan
Group travels:
  • Norway: If you live in Norway (or along the way in Sweden), contact Pal Dæhlen at Nordic Mission.
  • Poland: If you live in Poland, contact Marek Stawiasz for info about the group going to Bobfest.
  • UK: If you live in the United Kingdom, contact Michael Benton to go to Bobfest together.
CDs/Merchandise: At Bobfest you can buy CDs and stuff from these fine record companies/CD stores:
  • Nordic Mission
  • Metal Community
  • Little Rose Productions
  • Fear Dark


We would like to know how many people are coming to Bobfest, therefore please send an email to with your personal info. Note that this is REQUIRED if you want accomodation!