2001-05-27: Almost all galleries updated with photos taken by Rickard Bransell and Melankolum from Nordic Metal Archive.
2001-05-18: More pictures, taken by Rebecka Pedersen.
2001-05-10: More pictures, taken by Hanna Sandgren. The pictures were taken from dagen.com.
2001-04-25: More pictures, taken by Alexandra Nordh.
Furthermore, Bobfest was featured on Swedish national TV April 23rd in the youth show Vera!
2001-04-19: More pictures, taken by Jakob Kallfors.
2001-04-11: Some new pictures in the "Other pictures" gallery, taken by Arlene Marais (Disciple's manager).
More pictures will be up after the Easter holidays. Happy Easter!
2001-04-10: More pictures up, taken by Samuel Wibeck. Two new galleries and updates to almost all of the others.
2001-04-07: Finally, we have a pictures page up and running! Check it out and also keep sending us your pictures from Bobfest!
2001-04-01: A Bobfest baby is born! The son of Sara and Karl Walfridsson (singer of Pantokrator) was born this morning. Have a look at Jonathan Aron Varg Walfridsson!
Thanks to Karl who took the time to sing at Bobfest despite his wife's pregnancy. And thanks to Jonathan for waiting until Bobfest was over! ;)
2001-03-27: Added information about Pergamon on the bands page.
The first Bobfest pictures have arrived! There will be a picture page up soon, until then you can watch them at this location: http://www.durling.com/endtime/bobfest/
Thanks to Samuel Durling for the nice pictures! If you have pictures from Bobfest, please send us an email with your pictures!
2001-03-26: Bobfest 2001 - A Metal Odyssey has ended. Wow! Thanks a lot to all people who attended the festival, it was great meeting all of you.
Blessings... / The Bobfest crew
2001-03-18: Yet another cancellation: Pastor Dave Hart from Sanctuary San Diego, USA, will not be able to join us at Bobfest this year. Therefore there will only be three different seminars.
2001-03-18: Extol have been forced to cancel their gig as well, because guitarist Tor Magne has caught some kind of infection in his hand. This is of course one of the worst situations we could get into just one week before the festival.
However, Peter Espevoll will still be holding his seminar at Bobfest.
We can also present a new addition to the bandlist, grunge/rock band Dime'n'Dough (formerly known as Diamond Dog) from Norway.
2001-03-12: Another speaker for the seminars is now confirmed: Christian Liljegren, singer of Narnia and Wisdom Call.
2001-03-05: Information on how to order Disciple records in advance can be found on the info page.
Tickets for the concerts are now available at Get Back Records in Linkoping. If you're attending the whole conference you should still register to bobfest-request@lysator.liu.se though.
2001-03-03: Unfortunately, Veni Domine were forced to cancel their gig at Bobfest due to a nasty infection in Fredrik Sjoholm's throat. This is a big disappointment both for the band and for us as organizers.
However, we're happy to present Wisdom Call as the replacement for Veni. Tekla Knos have kindly given their Saturday spot to Wisdom Call and will instead play on Friday. Check out the presentation on the bands page!
We're proud to announce that Bobfest will be the official release gig for Wisdom Call's new self-titled album!
We can now confirm the following speakers for the seminars: Pastor Dave Hart from Sanctuary San Diego, USA; Kevin Young, singer of Disciple, USA; and Peter Espevoll, singer of Extol, Norway. We hope that these seminars will be an appreciated addition to Bobfest!
Check out the info page for some news regarding accomodation and posters as well.
2001-02-12: Finally, the lineup for Bobfest 2001 is complete as we can now present Jacks Of All Trades from Finland as the latest addition.
2001-01-29: Some corrections and updates to the travelling information. Also added a schedule to the info page.
2001-01-27: Finally our travelling page is up, with all the information you need to get to Linkoping and Bobfest. The information is available in both English and Swedish.
2001-01-23: We are pleased to announce the first overseas band in Bobfest history: Disciple from the USA!
2000-12-31: Two more bands are confirmed: Hallowed and Tekla Knos!
Also some updates to the info page.
2000-12-14: Finally, the guestbook is working again! Sorry for the trouble...
Look out for a major update on the Bobfest page, hopefully before Christmas!
2000-12-07: Updated sponsors section and added a new group travel on the info page.
2000-11-30: Added links section and updated sponsors section.
2000-11-13: The first bands are official: Extol, Veni Domine, Vaakevandring, Pantokrator.
Even though these bands come from the more brutal part of the metal genre, we assure you that there will be room for other styles, such as hardcore, punk and melodic metal. This will show in the complete bandlist, yet to be released.
2000-11-01: Grand reopening of the Bobfest 2001 page!
2000-09-15: The Bobfest 2001 teaser page is launched.