[technical deathmetal]

Extol is one of the most well known Scandinavian bands, after touring the US several times and with two highly regarded albums, "Burial" and "Undeceived", being released in both Europe, USA and Japan. Their latest release is an EP called "Paralysis", released in late summer of 2001.

Extol's music is brutal yet melodic deathmetal and their live shows are energetic and powerful, showing almost as much hair swinging as skillful playing.

Extol was headlining the first Bobfest back in 1999 and unfortunately had to cancel Bobfest 2001 due to an injury. We're extremely happy to welcome them back this year and we believe they will rock your world. Make sure you don't miss them!

/ Olov

Peter Espevoll - vocals
Christer Espevoll - guitar
Tor Magne S Glidje - guitar
John Robert Mjaland - bass
David Husvik - drums

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Veni Domine

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Veni Domine of Stockholm has almost become an institution in the metal scene. Since the debut "Fall Babylon Fall" from 1992, the majestic music of Veni Domine has fascinated fans all over the world.

Veni was one of the most appreciated bands playing at Bobfest 2000, doing an extraordinary unique 1.5 hour gig. They are now working on a new album and are eager to get back on the Bobfest stage. Last time Veni Domine had to cancel their gig due to an infection in Fredrik's throat. We're getting reports that he's recovering and we're looking forward to hearing his voice again.

The world of Veni Domine is filled with great dramatic changes in harmony, rhythm and tempo. Ranging from the soft and subtle to the powerful majestic bashing, all elements work to enhance the emotional journey, the drama.

/ Olov

Fredrik Sjoholm - vocals
Torbjorn Weinesjo - guitar
Gabriel Ingemarson - bass
Thomas Weinesjo - drums

Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue hails from Germany and plays melodic heavy/powermetal. With four CDs and one EP they have now established themselves as one of the top bands in the melodic metal genre. Seventh Avenue delivers classic metal with plenty of guitarsolos and hooks that surely many metalheads are gonna love. Melodic metal fans, get ready for a Metalfeast when this band enters the stage!

/ Johannes

Herbie Langhans - vocals, lead guitar
Florian Gottsleben - rhythm guitar
Geronimo Stade - bass
Mike Pflüger - drums

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Selfmindead hails from Oslo/Eskilstuna. They have released two full-length CDs and a split with The Spirit That Guides Us which was released this summer. Their music style has changed slightly over the years, but the core of it has always been true hardcore.

In the beginning they played more straight and simple hardcore, but their music has grown with the years and is now more technical, has more metal influenses and is a little bit more noisy, and I promise you; it sounds terrific!

They sound much like the Swedish hardcore band Refused, but it's not a copy of Refused, Selfmindead are doing their own thing, and they do it well. You won't be disappointed in their great liveshow, they rule on stage!

/ Into

Ilkka - vocals
Timo - guitar
Ole - guitar
Haakon - bass
Marko - drums

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Immortal Souls

Immortal Souls is one of the absolute best bands when it comes to fast melodic deathmetal. Characteristic for Immortal Souls' sound is their beautiful combination of melody and brutality. Their style is a mix of death metal and classic metal which makes it very interesting and catchy.

Fans of bands like In Flames and Dark Tranquillity will definitely find a new favourite with this talented band from Finland, for the first time visiting Sweden.

/ Johannes

Aki Sarkioja - vocals, bass
Esa Sarkioja - guitar
Pete Loisa - guitar
Jupe Hakola - drums

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[fast brutal metal]

© Sanctifica - Photo: Fredrik Sandgren
Metalheads rejoice, Sanctifica's back at Bobfest! They started in 1996 as a deathmetal band, but soon evolved to a brutal blackmetal band with the release of their first demo tape "In the Bleak Midwinter".
Their first album "Spirit of Purity" was released at Bobfest 2000 and has made them known far beyond the Christian underground.

Now things are happening with Sanctifica in several ways! Recently their 1997 masterpiece demo "In the Bleak Midwinter" was released on a split CD together with Pantokrator. And if that's not enough, their upcoming second album titled "Negative B" will be released at Bobfest 2002.
That's right, folks! We're honoured to host yet another release party for Sanctifica. Twice is a tradition, right? :)

/ Olov

Hubertus Liljegren - vocals, guitar
Henrik Georgsson - guitar
Jonathan Jansson - bass
Aron Engberg - keyboards
Daniel Thelin - drums

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Starting out as a death/thrashmetal band back in 1995, Oblivion has evolved to become one of the major metalcore bands rising up from the Swedish underground. Influences are drawn from Living Sacrifice, Meshuggah and the likes.

Their first demo "Faith" was released in 1998, and finally it's time for the first album from this band. Just a month before Bobfest, Oblivion's debut album "Renewal" will be released on CL Music & Publishing, making them labelmates with acts such as Sanctifica, Wisdom Call and Sons of Thunder.
Get ready for a metalcore onslaught when this band makes their debut at Bobfest!

/ Olov

Samuel Emtlind - vocals
Jimmie Isacsson - guitar
Bjorn Isacsson - guitar
Johan Isacsson - bass
Haakon Sjoqvist - drums

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Soniferous is a new talented thrashmetal band from Norway, consisting of very young members, but still experienced. The band has existed for a few years with different names and different styles.

However now the members of Soniferous seem to have found their way back into the metal realm... we embrace them! Playing an appreciated gig at the DP festival 2001, we're proud to welcome them to Sweden for the first time!

/ Olov

Thor Georg Buer - vocals, bass
Eirik Opheim - guitar
Eirik Berg - guitar
Tommy Akerholdt - drums

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