Pastor Bob

For many people, Bob Beeman is what you can call a living legend. He has worked with spreading the Gospel through hardrock and heavy metal music for decades and the name "Pastor Bob" is well-known in the Christian metal industry. Bob lives in USA where he runs a ministry called Sanctuary.

Bob will be speaking at the Bobfest 2002 conference. His teaching at the three previous festivals went straight into the hearts and minds of many metal bands and we believe that his teaching at the next Bobfest will do the same. However you don't need to be a metalhead or even a Christian to appreciate Bob's teaching, there's something there for everyone.

We have received some questions regarding the name BOBFEST, so we thought an explanation might be needed. We're not at all trying to idolize Bob in any way, we believe God is the only one to be exalted. The name Bobfest is more of a joke and a travesty of the American festival Tomfest. We think of it as a funny name, and most people seem to like it.

If you want to reach Pastor Bob, you can email him at this address:

Pastor Bob

Sanctuary International