Bobfest is a conference that will take place in Linkoping, Sweden, in March 2002. The idea is that young people can meet, get to know eachother and hear some great teaching from Pastor Bob Beeman, USA. We wish Bobfest to be an antipole to all the darkness and negativity there is in the world today, and show the way to a better life without drugs and violence.

Bobfest is also a festival where the music is of great importance. Metal/hardcore/punk bands from around Scandinavia and international acts make this festival a great opportunity for music lovers from all countries to enjoy the best hard music!
Of course you are welcome to join the concerts without attending the conference, but we believe Bob has something to say to you even if you're not a Christian.

Bobfest was first arranged in March 1999 and has now become an annual event. Bobfest 2002 will be the fourth festival and our goal is to make it the best Bobfest yet! It's also the most international festival so far with bands from four nationalities and visitors from more than 10 different countries.


Practical information

Location: The conference will be held in Pingstkyrkan, Linkoping, Sweden.
Concerts: Concerts will be held Friday 8 March and Saturday 9 March, both will take place at Skylten, a rock club in Linkoping. Tickets to the individual concerts are sold at Get Back Records, Linkoping.
Travelling: We have a special page with travelling information. It's now updated for the Bobfest 2002 locations.
Seminars: On Saturday morning, three seminars will be held. These are the speakers:
  • Bob Beeman - pastor in Sanctuary International, USA
    Subject: God's grace
  • Karl Walfridsson - singer in Pantokrator, Sweden
    Subject: Love & sex
  • Morten Holmquist - pastor in Subchurch, Oslo, Norway
    Subject: Worship & praise
Gallery: The gallery is new for this year. Here we will show your artistic work. Please bring your drawings, poems, sculptures, anything you might want to enlighten the festival with. Contact Lina if you want to contribute with your artwork. All contributions must be in place Friday night before the concert.
Food: Breakfast will be served Saturday and Sunday morning at around 8-10 in Pingstkyrkan for 20 SEK. No other meals will be served during Bobfest, but several restaurants are located just minutes from the church. All Bobfest visitors get a discount at Ristorante Milano, a nearby pasta restaurant.
Tickets: Tickets will cost 240 SEK for Scandinavian visitors (Sweden/Norway) and 150 SEK (17 EUR) for non-Scandinavian visitors. Tickets to the individual concerts are sold at Get Back Records, Linkoping.
Accomodation: For an additional fee of 50 SEK (6 EUR) per night we will provide a place to sleep for you, either in Pingstkyrkan or a sports hall. You should bring your own sleeping bags and state in your ticket booking if you need accomodation.
For those who want more comfortable quarters, we recommend Linkopings vandrarhem (youth hostel), prices range from 225 SEK per night and up.

Friday 8 March:
19:00-20:30Introduction meeting
21:30-01:00Concert at Skylten with (in the following order)
  • Soniferous
  • Veni Domine
  • Oblivion (release party)
Saturday 9 March:
10:00-11:00Morning meeting
19:00-01:00Concert at Skylten with (in the following order)
  • Jam Boo Garden (surprise)
  • Immortal Souls
  • Sanctifica (release party)
  • Seventh Avenue
  • Extol
  • Selfmindead
Sunday 10 March:
11:00Service together with Pingstkyrkan
16:00Service together with Johanneskyrkan (look for Kungsbergsskolan on the map)
Group travels:
CDs/Merchandise: At Bobfest you can buy CDs and stuff from these fine record companies/CD stores:
  • Nordic Mission
  • Metal Community
  • CL Music & Publishing
  • Fear Dark
  • Maanalainen Levykauppa
  • Rock Revolution Productions

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