2002-05-30: Long time no pics... well here's some more, taken by Andreas Andersson. We wish you all a happy summer...
2002-04-20: All galleries updated with pictures from Rebecka Gustafsson, Filip Redeen and the Nordic Metal Archive.
2002-04-06: More pictures added, sent in by Anton Linder and Lisa Jones.
2002-04-03: More pictures added, sent in by Anton Linder, Andreas Egneus, Pekka Ryhanen and Mikaela Jakobsson.
2002-03-21: More pictures added, sent in by Lisa Jones and Rebecka Gustafsson.
2002-03-19: The pics page was unavailable for a while, but now it's back and functional! New pictures taken by Samuel Wibeck added...
2002-03-14: More pictures are flowing in. Thanks to Paul Matthews, Phil Powell and Alexandra Nordh for your contributions!
2002-03-13: The first pictures from Bobfest are here! Michael Olofsson is the one who was first to hand in his pictures. Yours can be featured here as well, just send us a mail with attached JPEGs.
2002-03-11: Bobfest 2002 is over! The Bobfest crew wishes to give huge thanks to all who made the festival so great. Thank you for your support and love, we're so excited about all the positive response so far! Look out for upcoming pictures on the site, if you have your own Bobfest pics please mail them to us.
2002-03-04: Bobfest is four days away and we now close the ticket ordering. If you haven't ordered a ticket, we cannot guarantee that you'll get in at Skylten. You can still try to get tickets to the concerts at Get Back Records in Linkoping.
2002-02-17: We're very sad to announce that Umbrella will not be able to make it to Bobfest and has been forced to cancel. At this moment, we will focus on the bands remaining and try to give you the best Bobfest ever!
2002-02-12: Finally we can present the seminar speakers for Bobfest 2002:
Christer Espevoll (Norway), Karl Walfridsson (Sweden) and Morten Holmquist (Norway).
Read more on the info page.
2002-02-08: One month to go! Some minor changes: Links updated, detailed schedule and other practical information on the info page.
Don't forget the gallery! Please contact Lina if you want to contribute with your artwork.
2002-01-21: The schedule for Bobfest can now be found on the info page. Posters are also available for printing. New sponsors added.
2002-01-03: Just two months to go now! The site has been updated with a travelling page with information on how to get to Bobfest.
2001-12-17: Ticket ordering is now available. Please order your tickets as soon as possible, as we expect a bigger audience than last time.
The Bobfest team wishes all visitors a Metal Christmas and a Heavy New Year!
2001-11-17: The final bandlist is finally released, the bands to complete the lineup are Selfmindead, Sanctifica and Oblivion.
Bobfest 2001 t-shirts are available again, order from the info page.
Organizers page updated with some pictures.
2001-10-21: Grand Reopening! The first six bands released:
Extol, Veni Domine, Seventh Avenue, Immortal Souls, Soniferous and Umbrella.