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You may have been wondering what's been going on in the Bobfest camp lately, it's been awfully quiet from our end since the last festival took place in March 2005. So, here's a quick recap of last year:

Daniel J (Pumba) and Lena were happily married in May and have since then made a visit to the land down under for their honeymoon.

Samuel S (Sporren) was married to his wife Johanna in November, Samuel W (Wibbsan) being the host of the wedding party.

Daniel D took off to the States to work with Pastor Bob and Sanctuary and has been there for about half a year now.

Johannes is pursuing his many metal projects, among others he has been busy finishing and distributing the Swedish Metal Bible this year.

Marie is also engaged now, to one of the coolest blokes in the world we might add (Mr Endtime).

As for Olov and Malin, they felt that the first three months of their son's life was a lot about Bobfest, so they decided to make the remaining nine months of his first year all about him.

So as you can understand, we have all been going on with "life after Bobfest" as we'd like to call it.

However, now a new year has started and we'd like to take the opportunity to look back at the seven past years which has truly been a blessing for us, and we hope that it has been for you as well. Working with Bobfest has taken a lot of time and effort, but the rewards we've been given have been even greater.
THANK YOU for supporting us over the years, it is you the audience that has made Bobfest what it is! Or rather was...

We hope that the concerts, the teachings, metal breakfasts and just being with the Bobfest family has made an impact on you, and we hope that Bobfest is not the end of this kind of fellowship. We hope to see you again at other festivals...
Remember... We are the members of the body of the Son, we are the Church of Christ!

It is with sadness that we just got the news that Resurrection, the festival in Stockholm that was going to be the heir of Bobfest, has been cancelled. We understand the reasons for this and wish the organizers all the best in the future!

The plans for 2006 is to open our webshop soon where you'll find some neat stuff. And of course, to release our DVD. Sorry folks for taking so much time, we can only refer to the above mentioned stuff going on in our lives... plus to the obvious fact that we're a bunch of slackers! ;)
Please understand that we all have full-time jobs or studies and compiling a DVD is not done in a coffee break. However, we WILL work on it during this spring, promise...

So, after seven years, 68 concerts with 50 unique bands, it's time for us to say goodbye! It's been an amazing time!

Last but not least, we'd like to thank all the people that has made Bobfest possible, if we have forgotten anyone please forgive us!

Special thanks to the members of the Bobfest teams of the past:
Michael Hjelte
Rickard Bransell
Johan Jansson
Lina Holmstrom
Christian Into
David Seiving
Mikaela Jakobsson
Matilda Agnarson
Hannah Widholm (formerly Haraldson)
Ann-Kristin Hansen

Extra special thanks with sugar on top goes to:
Pastor Bob - thanks for believing in us and supporting us every year
Malena & Magnus - for years and years of faithful support
Eva & Eva - you are the BEST! The way to a metalhead's heart truly goes through his stomach!!
Anders Brengesjo and everyone at Bilda - what would we have done without you??
Irene Dahlberg - for always feeding us and caring about us!

Thanks also to the following:
Alla sota funktionarer
Peter & Christer Espevoll
Christian Kasto
Maria Solheim
Marcus Olsson
Anders Voldronning
Kevin Young
Karl & Sara Walfridsson
Morten Holmquist
Casey & Adrienne
Krister & Micke
Christoffer Tegnemyr
Roffe Topplock
Pal & Nordic Mission
Raffi & Fear Dark
Durling & Endtime Productions
Christian & Rivel Records
Maanalainen Levykauppa
Whirlwind Music
Metal Community
Marie-Louise & Ryttargardskyrkan
Stockholm Vineyard
Linkopings kommun
Marie Svelid & Cupolen
KFUM & Atlasskolan
Max Tattoo
Marie P Sko
Fascination Street
SE Wheel & Forks
Everyone else...

Blessings to you all from the Bobfest team...
Olov Davidsson (BF dude since 1999)
Daniel Dahlberg (BF dude since 1999)
Johannes Jonsson (BF dude since 1999)
Samuel Sporrenstrand (BF dude since 1999)
Marie Berntsson (BF gal since 2001)
Samuel Wibeck (BF dude since 2003)
Malin Davidsson (BF gal since 2004)
Daniel Johansson (BF dude since 2004)
Lena Johansson (formerly Ejdeholt, official BF gal of 2005)