Where to Purchase Oysters Online

If fresh live oysters are your favorite treat why not to get them delivered right to your doorstep. When you order this amazing delicacy online you save your time and money, plus you can feel the salty flavor of the ocean enjoying the comfort of staying at home. So here are some of the best places to order fresh live oysters online and get them delivered right to your home.

Catalina Offshore Products

Catalina Offshore Products

Based in San Diego Catalina is a wholesale seafood company that is also offering its products to the public at affordable prices. Catalina Offshore Products offers a wide selection of fish like live California lobster, fresh sea urchin, live abalone, sushi grade fish, as well as shellfish, shrimp, stone crab and scallops. The company provides high quality Sol Azul organic oysters as well.

Populating the waters of the Biosphere Reserve of El Vizcaíno in the Pacific Sol Azul organic oysters (Crassostreagigas) are distinguished by the unique texture and delicious flavor. They are found in the pristine waters on the Pacific coast along the Baja Peninsula, in the largest wildlife reserve of Mexico. These waters are home to numerous rare species and a major reproduction area for the North Pacific gray whale.

Known as “four seasons” oysters Sol Azuls have clean outer shell that is easy to open. Inside they have no sand and grit, with firm and plump meat of rich flavor. They taste great when paired with citrus and/or heat-based spices.


Sol Azul oysters are considered sustainable as their primary food is natural phytoplankton and they don’t depend on any artificial feeds or chemical products. In addition, facilities used for glowing Sol Azul shellfish don’t harm the environment and benefit the holistic development of the area.

Vital Choice Wild Seafood

Blue Point Oysters

At Vital Choice you will find an amazing selection of various oysters that originate from Alaska and the Northwest Pacific, including Blue Point Oysters (Long Island), Naked Cowboy Oysters (Long Island), Kumamoto (Northern California), Kusshi (British Columbia) and others. Order Vital Choice seafood flash frozen at sea and get it shipped on dry ice right to your home. All frozen and canned seafood offered by the company are of the highest quality. Vital Choice Wild Seafood has been operating for several decades so its executives and staff are highly professional and experienced. The company products are sustainable and their fisheries are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) or the State of Alaska. Vital Choice is known for its top notch mail order system.

Giovanni's Fish Market

Whether you prefer Blue Point Oysters (Long Island), Fanny Bay (Canada Pacific), Grassy Bar (California), Hood Canal (Washington) or Kumamoto (California) you can order your favorite oysters at Giovanni’s Fish Market. Family owned and operated for 25 years this California company offers an incredible selection of seafood, such as more than a dozen varieties of live oysters, caviar, crab and lobster, sashimi grade tunas, fish and more.

Taylor Shellfish Farms

Live Oysters

For more than 100 years the Taylor family has been providing a range of shellfish to oyster lovers. In fact it is the largest oyster producer in the Pacific Northwest Taylor Shellfish Farms cultivates Kumamoto oysters ($17.99 per dozen) that boast smooth texture and sweet fruity flavor. Featuring deeply cupped and highly sculptured, fluted shells Kumos can be easily served on the half-shell. The company also produces rare Olympia oysters ($11.99 per dozen) that are the size a fifty cent piece each. Olympia oysters are known for their sweet flavor with a coppery finish.

Rappahannock Oyster Co.

Operating in Virginia since 1899 the company specializes in growing Chesapeake Bay oysters. In 2005 the owners of the company, cousins Ryan and Travis Croxton, won Food & Wine magazine “Tastemaker's Award” as young entrepreneurs who managed to change the world of food and wine by age 35.

The company produces Rappahannock River Oysters, Stingray Oysters and Olde Salt Oysters. Rappahannock River Oysters ($25/25 oysters) are a little bit salty and contain lots of minerals. They are deep cupped, with a sweet, buttery taste that is followed by a refreshing crisp finish.

Stingray Oysters ($25/25) named after their main predator, the Stingray, are highly rated for their sweet and mildly briny flavor accentuated by a clean, crisp finish.

For the genuine taste of the ocean consider trying Olde Salt Oysters ($25/25 oysters) that combine a bold sea-side brininess and a smooth, clean follow-through.

Island Creek Oysters

Moon Shoal Oysters

This farm established in 1992 in Duxbury, Mass. produces extremely delicious oysters in a saltwater river. Moon Shoal oysters are clean and ocean flavored followed up by a sweet melon finish. Wellfleet Oysters are also salty, but have a milder taste compared to that of other oysters. Featuring a well-defined adductor muscle and an appealing texture they are praised for their strong umami and vegetal properties.

The Crab Place

This company operating in Maryland has been shipping fresh seafood, including oysters in the shell ($19.99/dozen), to its customers since 1997. The owners, Greg and Matt Cain, offer freshly caught Maryland seafood. Due to their special packing techniques that ensure the produce stays fresh the customers remain consistently pleased by the quality of the seafood they order. In season, the company offers an incredible selection of live Maryland crab, in the off-season, you can order them steamed or frozen. Also the company sells Alaskan king crab, Maine lobster, Louisiana crawfish, a variety of oysters and a wide range of prepared foods, such as calamari, crab cakes, soups, breaded shrimp and clams, sauces and more.